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Skin peels have been a beauty staple for those looking for a path to improve their skin. They work by removing the top layer of the skin to help reveal the healthy, beautiful skin underneath. However, traditional chemical peels are notorious for being harsh on the skin with a recovery time often lasting for weeks. Fortunately, science has provided beauty lovers everywhere with a safer, less invasive option: VI Peels.

VI Peel Benefits

The VI Peel is a mid-depth peel that provides the same dramatic results of traditional peels but with very little pain and downtime. The process is minimally invasive and one of the safest peels available. By using a unique combination of ingredients patients can reap the beauty benefits while experiencing very little pain. The VI peel can reduce hyperpigmentation, reverse the signs of sun damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and minimize acne scars. Additional benefits include a pain-free application and patients can return to their normal daily routines immediately after application. The peeling process is minimal and is easily covered with moisturizer.

How Does It Work?

The VI Peel works with the body’s natural collagen and elastin growth and production. When applied to the skin, the VI Peel ingredients work together with the body to improve the appearance of the skin by removing the outer surface that is often damaged by years of exposure to the sun, aging and more. The biggest benefit overall is the results are often dramatic and the VI Peel is safe for all skin tones, skin types, and ethnicities.

Final Results

The VI Peel process begins to show results in as little as seven days. After three days, the skin begins to flake. This is completely normal and often continues over a period of at least three to four days after which, new healthy skin begins to reveal itself. After about a week, the peeling process is complete and the final results of your VI Peel will be evident. Your skin will look beautiful, radiant and glowing. Any hyperpigmentation is eliminated, skin tone and skin texture are dramatically improved and any sun damage that was previously present before the peel should be significantly reduced. Depending on the severity of your skin damage, more than one application may be needed to fully rejuvenate the skin.

Schedule an appointment today! A series of three peels, one month apart, are recommended for optimal results! 


The Perfect after Peel Skincare Routine!



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