The Journey

Adriana and Welita

In Chihuahua, México, twelve hours southeast by car from Arizona, Adriana's Welita (grandmother) had an apothecary. Townspeople would walk into her sandy casita with aches, sores, and fevers, and walk out with pots of natural remedies along with feelings of warmth, love, and nurture. Welita passed down her wisdom and passion for natural healing to her granddaughter, Adriana, whose story begins here.

Adriana's life began in Flagstaff, Arizona. As a teenager, Adriana struggled with severe & stubborn acne. While her confidence plunged, it built a stronger foundation & desire to help others with similar problems. This blossomed to Adriana's successful career as an aesthetician, where she currently works with local clients full-time in her neighborhood, Arcadia. As her studio and clientele grew, she noticed a very common but seldom addressed problem: skincare in Arizona's low-humidity dry climate environment.

Adriana knew that to provide a real solution, an ordinary facial wasn't an option. She needed to perfect her craft, with tools, techniques and products that only she knew how to combine. And thus, The Method by ALINE was born.

Adriana and Eric

In addition, Eric, Adriana's brother, went through a traumatic event leading him to become a double-leg amputee. While supporting Eric through his numerous surgeries and skin grafts, Adriana's passion and knowledge for specialized skincare kept growing. Because Eric's skin was highly sensitive, Adriana made custom blends of all-natural and organic products to soothe and care for him. This journey, along with her experience as an aesthetician in Arizona, made her realize her new purpose in life. Adriana wanted to help others be the best version of themselves, by gifting them with healthy, glowing, and nourished skin.

Eric's life was renewed with purpose as his sister, Adriana's vision grew. His role in the company today is as critical as it was in its early development. He works with clients daily as Scheduling Manager and also oversees product fulfillment of the ALINE SKINCARE along with our company mascot, Little Lucy the Chihuahua dog.

Adriana's custom blends of pure, natural and organic clays, essential oils, and desert botanicals, are used daily in her studio to dramatically improve her clients' skincare needs.