No BS Guide To A Simple Skincare Routine For Men - Men Care About Wrinkles Too!

Beautiful skin has been an objective passed down through time, for both men and women. Customs as far back as 10,000 BC, showed men used scented oils with spices, gums, and fragrant plants to care for their skin. Think of the peacock and the hummingbird, where in nature, it’s the male with the most colorful display that attracts a mate. It’s for this reason that men have had a natural predisposition to personal grooming, but they’ve been pushed to the side in modern times.

All Natural and Organic Luxury Skincare

Not anymore. Who wants lines, dehydration and flakey skin? Nobody! That’s where ALINE SCOTTSDALE Skincare comes in; formulated with natural elements, like botanical Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and plant-based skin brighteners. This combination of ingredients result in smooth, rehydrated and healthy skin…making it the perfect addition to skincare regimens for men, and is free of any residue that is often felt with other products. Adriana works closely with a very experienced chemist in the production of all the products in ALINE SCOTTSDALE Skincare to be certain they fit her high standards.


"The DUO" our all natural and organic formulations help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This multi-tasker also helps in brightening age spots, sunspots, and smooth bright complexion. The DUO is a pure, simple, effective skincare routine. This perfect pair is a natural balancing solution that will leave your skin hydrated and regenerated, ensuring the best possible care for your skin. Best of all, ALINE SCOTTSDALE Skincare can make your skin look healthier—even 20 years younger, with fewer lines and irritation than most commercial brands on the market—giving your face suppleness and elasticity. It’s not magic; it’s all about all natural and organic luxurious ingredients, formulated with perfection. 


How to use (men): Use AM/PM. Warm 1-2 pumps of ARCADIA All In One Oil between hands and apply to a dry face and neck using small, circular motions to massage oil into the skin and to melt away impurities. Wet your hands with warm water and massage facial skin to help emulsify the oils. Note: while cleansing can also be used as a shaving oil.  Use a wet warm washcloth to remove.

Additional uses: May also be used as a shaving oil while cleansing. 

STEP 2: PHOENICIAN YOUTH SERUM (1.19oz/35.2ml) – All Skin Types

How to use: Use AM/PM.  For under eyes + face + neck. Apply 2-3 pumps on dry, clean skin and allow product to completely absorb.

Additional treatment for men: May also be used after shaving to soothe irritated skin.

STEP 3: Reapply ARCADIA All In One Oil - All Skin Types

How to use: Use AM/PM dispense one pump between hands with small circular motions massage into the skin. Begin at décolleté then working your way upward toward neck, finishing last with the face. Note: Massage product into skin until completely absorbed and follow with your favorite SPF 30 or higher.

Additional uses for men: Also a great moisturizing beard oil.

Note: Natural changes of color in this product may occur due to the use of natural ingredients.


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