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Z Life: More Than Skin Deep

Beauty runs generations deep for Adriana Campbell, Valley aesthetician and founder of a new luxury skincare line formulated specifically for desert dwellers. ...

Beauty runs generations deep for Adriana Campbell, Valley aesthetician and founder of a new luxury skincare line formulated specifically for desert dwellers.


What began as a side hustle to find a solution for her client's unbalanced, dry skin eventually evolved into a major game changer. Little did the well-known skin expert realize at the time that the development of ALINE Scottsdale would positively alter the course of the Arcadia-based aesthetician’s small business, while tangentially inspiring the life of an ailing family member.

Adriana’s journey and passion for helping people glow from the inside out was fueled by her beloved grandmother. Adriana’s ‘welita’ ran an apothecary in Chihuahua, México. As a young child, Adriana witnessed the power of healing a community through tenderness, care, and legit concoctions that shaped the direction of her life.

Eventually planting roots in Phoenix, Adriana’s path led to addressing skincare needs for clients as a licensed aesthetician. Living her dream and building a business over two decades, Adriana noticed a common denominator amongst her faithful customers who call the Valley home. Regardless of treatment, dry, lacklustre, aging skin was a constant issue for Adriana’s clients. She realized there were no products readily available that specifically addressed the damaging climate of the Southwest. That’s when Adriana realized an opportunity that drew upon her years of skincare expertise.

With an affinity for chemistry and through the encouragement of her clientele, Adriana went to work utilizing her skill, experience and technique to develop proprietary formulas to treat skin in the Southwest. Perseverance and years in the lab resulted in product development and the birth of her new company, ALINE Scottsdale  All in, Adriana was busily building her new brand and successfully pivoting as a small business owner when suddenly, tragedy struck her family. Adriana’s dear brother, Eric Martinez, randomly contracted meningitis and lost both of his legs becoming a double amputee. It was an emotional time for the aesthetician and her family as they supported Eric in many ways, hopeful that he could live independently and fully again.

Eric’s quality of life and outlook was a concern for Adriana as each step forward in his recovery seemed like leaps backwards at times. A consistent challenge along the way presented with the numerous skin grafts necessary due to Eric’s amputation. Major skin sensitivities impeded his healing process- one step forward, many back. It was then that his sister stepped in and took matters into her own hands. Literally. Adriana leaned on her product development expertise through Aline Scottsdale and formulated a custom blend of her products specifically for Eric in an effort to diminish the grafting complications.

The result was a welcomed healing in ways the family did not anticipate. As Eric’s skin graft issues cleared, his spirits lifted and his desire to move forward with his family by his side was strong. Serving as an unforeseen source of inspiration, Eric cheered on his sister as she officially launched ALINE Scottsdale in the summer of 2018. Introducing four products that work in tandem to address the skin issues of desert dwellers, Adriana’s luxury product line received accolades from her discerning clientele from inception.

Continuing to offer a robust menu of skincare services, ALINE Scottsdale is thriving. With new products on the horizon, Adriana is living her passion; remedying dry skin for those who live and play in The Valley of the Sun with her brother by her side. Eric is a critical part of ALINE’s success, working in operations and inspiring his sister on from the frontlines.

Glowing and growing, the duo’s journey continues together, well rooted in gratitude and the spirit of generations past.



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