HydroFacial Infusion

Oxygen infusion microdermabrasion

$170 - For all skin types

What oxygen infusion facials do, is they take oxygen in its purest state and apply it to the skin for achieving the glow you’ve been looking for.

An oxygen infusion facial immediately revitalizes your skin and hides even the tiniest imperfections. This treatment exploded onto the beauty scene largely due to its instant results, characterized by a smoothing and plumping of the skin’s surface while incorporating diamond tip microdermabrasion technology. Oxygen is sprayed at a high pressure directly to the skin’s surface while incorporating our very own PHOENICIAN YOUTH serum. This luxurious anti-aging serum contains active ingredients, nutrient desert botanicals and vitamins, that are delivered as a soothing mist and then infused (pushed) into the skin for plumping and brightening. The oxygen acts as a catalyst that opens the skin’s pores to allow increased absorption of the active ingredients. The results are undeniable and immediate!